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The Equestrian Centre is the heart of the Stoneford Estate. Every aspect of the Equestrian Centre strives towards a level of excellence, but at the same time understands that the role-players and users of the facility range from beginners to seasoned professionals. This has led to us choosing the phrase "an Olympian is a hacker who never gave up" as the Equestrian Centre motto.

Stoneford Equestrian Centre

The facility will ultimately consist of 60 stalls, divided into three blocks of 20 stalls each. Each block of 20 will have their own central changing and locker area. As shown, each locker will be capable of storing 2 saddles. The riding boots and tack will be hung on the steel mesh locker doors which have been chosen so as to provide ventilation to the locker. Each locker will also be equipped with a built-in safe.

In the centre of each locker area there will be long changing benches under chandeliers, similar to the ones depicted, which will run the full length of the locker barn. The roof of the locker barn will be dressed with recycled floorboards, as depicted in the photo gallery below. The entire structure, consisting of stalls and locker barns will be constructed of a combination of face brick and stone.

Photo Gallery

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The central block will be constructed first and upon completion of the entire facility, a rider will be able to walk his/her horse from the farthest stall to the indoor arena completely under cover.

Externally there will be two lunging rings, and two outdoor arenas (one grass and one sand). The indoor arena will be 60m x 40m. Immediately adjacent to the indoor arena will be the Halfway House Coffee Shop, which is designed and positioned to be the perfect interface between the two structures.


Click on the thumbnail images below to view large images of the latest Architectural plans and elevations.

Stoneford Equestrian Centre - Indoor Arena
Indoor Arena


Stoneford Equestrian Centre - Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop


Stoneford Equestrian Centre - Plan
Equestrian Centre Plan


Stoneford Equestrian Centre - Stable Plan
Stable Plan


Stoneford Equestrian Centre - Locker Detail
Locker Detail